Aegina town and Kolona - Τo the east of the Centre

To the east of the centre
Kyverneiou Street is the best point of departure for finding the church of Aghii Theodori, which is neither signed nor easy to locate and lies about 2km inland from the port. (From the house of Capodistrias on Kyverneiou, follow the street uphill (inland) without turning off, un til after 1km a busier road crosses at an oblique angle and there is a sandstone church with a red cupola on the right. By continuing here as straight as is possible and taking a narrow concrete road to the right-hand side just beyond the curve on the main road, the church will be on the right after 500m at a junction by an olive tree.) This tiny 13th century church—in the midst of pistachio orchards—is sometimes simply referred to as the ‘Omorphi Ekklisia’, or ‘beautiful church’. It appears to be built on the podium of a small ancient building, which stands about 40cm high from the ground, constructed of large rectangular blocks and clearly adapted on its eastern side to accommodate the apse of the church above. The church itself also in corporates a number of ancient blocks, one of which (northwest corner) has a fragmentary Byzantine inscription and what looks like a small part of an architectural drawing below. In the simple interior of the church is an almost complete *cycle of wall-paintings, dating from 1289, which have survived in good condition. In the over all tonality, two iron-oxide pigments—attic yellow and a dark red—predominate to the exclusion of all else. The figures are executed in a vigorous and stylised manner, with much emphasis on the highly-wrought lines of the drapery. A full repertory of scenes from the Life of Christ occupy the vault of the church, and a commanding image of the Virgin and Child flanked by Archangels occupies the conch of the apse.


Aegina Island is part of the Argosaronic Island group
Aegina town - Τo the east of the Centre


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Ioannis Kapodistrias in Aegina
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Aegina Island, the Argosaronic.

By boat: Access to Aegina is by ferry or hydrofoil from Piraeus (Port Authority, T. 210 459 3123).
By hydrofoil (Hellenic Seaways, T. 210 419 9000), the journey takes 35 minutes, with between 6 and 10 departures per day from Piraeus.
Several shipping companies ply the short journey (1.5hrs) with car ferries to Aegina, in total providing departures every one to two hours throughout the day.
There are also once daily services (more frequent in summer) from Piraeus to Aghia Marina in the east of the island. Most services leave from Akti Miaoulis in Piraeus, opposite the Electric Train terminus.
Hellenic Seaways operates a daily ferry from Piraeus (Gate 8) to Angistri, with frequency increasing to twice daily in high season.

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Aegina Island, the Argosaronic.

Aegina: For the freshest fish and wine, in a simple setting with much local atmosphere, the taverna Agorá is a pleasure at all times of year. It is situated under the makeshift awnings at the back of Aegina"s fish market, one block inland from the waterfront after the Demarcheion. It generally has octopus and small shrimp that are as good as can be tasted anywhere in Greece. At Pérdika there are many tavernas along the raised promenade: one of them, simply called "10", has some of the freshest produce and best prepared dishes amongst them.
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Aegina Island, the Argosaronic.

Aegina: The Aiginitiko Archontiko is a small hotel (12 rooms) with great charm, in a neoclassical house opposite the mediaeval Markelon tower in the centre of Aegina town, on Thomaïdou Street. Its reception rooms are of historic interest. The personnel is helpful, and the atmosphere welcoming: open all year round. (T. 22970 24968, fax. 26716,
More modern, with more space and easy parking, and not without charm, is the Hotel Danaï, just north of the archaeological site of Kolona in Aegina. (T. 22970 22424).

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Aegina Island, the Argosaronic.


180 10
Aégina or Aígina:
area 77
perimeter 56km
resident population 12,716
max. altitude 531m.
Port Authority: T. 22970 22328.
Travel and information: Karagiannis Travel, T. 22970 25664,

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