Chalki Travel Guide – Best of Chalki Island: History, beaches, places to visit & more.   …Chalki today is a peaceful retreat, offering uncrowded beaches, scenic walks, a dramatic [...]

Chalki – general

Set in its own archipelago of islets off the west coast of Rhodes , Chalki is strikingly different in atmosphere from anything on Rhodes itself. The wealth once brought to this tiny, infertile [...]

Chalki – history

Neolithic obsidian tools found at Kephali in the extreme northwest of the island provide the earliest evidence of human settlement on the island. Ancient Chalce only steps into the pages of [...]


No careless modern construction disturbs the wide arc of dignified and regular 19th century stone houses with pitched roofs and plastered facades grouped around the island’s protected harbour. [...]

Chalki – North to Pefkia and Kania Bay

As the road crosses the low ridge above Emboreio, the left branch beside a wide turning leads to the ruined church of Aghios Zacharias. (Follow the stone wall on the left running uphill, through [...]

Chalki – The West of the Island

The western half of the island is a dramatically rocky limestone plateau. Although largely uninhabited and uncultivated, it is a mass of wild flowers in the early spring. There is a scattering of [...]