Fourni Travel Guide – Best of Fourni Island: History, beaches, places to visit & more.   …These coastal waters have always been remarkably rich in fish, and the island’s economy [...]

Fourni – general

GeneralFourni is an archipelago of several islands south of the channel that separates Ikari­a from Samos , of which only the two largest—Fourni and Thimaina—are properly inhabited. Strabo had [...]

Fourni – CHORA

ChoraThe modern Chora of Fourni is pleasingly grouped in a theatre-shaped ring of hills, and occupies a small fertile plain watered by the confluence of several seasonal tor rents. It has two [...]

Fourni – North to Chrysomilia

North to ChrysomiliaSeven hundred metres beyond the junction the asphalt ends; after a further 500m, on the left just above the road as it flattens out at the summit, is the church of Aghia [...]