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Aegina Island, the Argosaronic. By boat: Access to Aegina is by ferry or hydrofoil from Piraeus (Port Authority, T. 210 459 3123). By hydrofoil (Hellenic Seaways, T. 210 419 9000), the journey [...]


Aegina Island, the Argosaronic. Aegina: The Aiginitiko Archontiko is a small hotel (12 rooms) with great charm, in a neoclassical house opposite the mediaeval Markelon tower in the centre of [...]


Aegina Island, the Argosaronic. Aegina: For the freshest fish and wine, in a simple setting with much local atmosphere, the taverna Agorá is a pleasure at all times of year. It is situated under [...]

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Aegina Island, the Argosaronic.   180 10 Aégina or Aígina: area 77 perimeter 56km resident population 12,716 max. altitude 531m. Port Authority: T. 22970 22328. Travel [...]