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Angistri Island, the Argosaronic. The caïque, Angistri Express, departs four times daily from Aegina for Angistri (journey time, 15 mins), with reduced frequency at weekends. Angistri Travel Guide


Angistri Island, the Argosaronic. Angistri: One simple and comfortable solution for lodging is, Rosy’s Little Village (T. 22970 91610, info@ on the hillside at Skliri Bay. [...]


Angistri Island, the Argosaronic. Angistri: The island has many good tavernas: for fresh, home-cooking and a good chance of local wines and cheeses from the Peloponnese, the Parnassos in Metochi, [...]

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Angistri Island, the Argosaronic. 180 10 Angístri: area 11sq. km perimeter 17km resident population 886 max. altitude 275m. Port Authority: T. 22970 91541. Information: [...]