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Antikythera Island, Greece. Access is only by ferry and from the same ports which serve the island of Kythera (see above), i.e. from Neapolis (one weekly (Tuesday) sail–3.5 hrs: T. 27340 [...]



Antikythera Island, Greece. There are only a small number of rooms for rent, all in the village of Potamos (the port). These are best arranged by going to the island’s (unmarked) shop-cum-post [...]



Antikythera Island, Greece. Antikythera has no taverna as yet; but Mr Patakakis, on request, will provide food on a table in front of his shop. His careful and flavourful salad is made with [...]


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Antikythera Island, Greece. 801 00 Antikýthera: area; perimeter 32km; resident population 39; max. altitude 378 m. Port Authority: 27360 33767. Information: www.antikythira. gr (website [...]