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Hydra Island, the Argosaronic. Small and characterful, the most pleasant hotel on Folégrandros is the -Kastro Hotel in the heart of the old Kastro, with raftered rooms, traditional furniture and [...]



Hydra Island, the Argosaronic. Eating can be surprisingly unimaginative on Hydra by comparison with the high quality of the island”s hotels; there seems little ambition to do more than the [...]


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Hydra Island, the Argosaronic. 180 40 Ýdra or Hýdra: area perimeter 64km resident population 2,629 max. altitude 588m. Port Authority: 22980 52279. Travel and information: Ydraïoníki [...]



Hydra Island, the Argosaronic. On the Makrónisos internment camp, see Yannis Hamilakis, The Nation and its Ruins, Oxford, OUP 2008, or (same author) The Other ‘Parthenon’: Antiquity and National [...]