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Ikaria Island, Greece. For a variety of local and traditional dishes always freshly prepared, Christos Chazàlas”s Taverna “To tzaki”, in Glaredo (2 km west of Aghios Kirykos) is [...]

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Ikaria Island, Greece. 83 000 Ikaría: area 255; perimeter 107 km; resident population 8354; maximum altitude 1037 m. Port Authorities: Aghios Kirykos T. 22750 [...]


Ikaria Island, Greece. By air: Ikaria now has a small airport at the eastern tip of the island, connected to Athens by a mid-afternoon flight every day, except on Mondays: an airport transfer bus [...]


Ikaria Island, Greece. The island’s nicest hotels are not to be found in either of the ports. At Therma, the Agriolykos Pension (T. 22433 & 22383; www.island-Ikaria. [...]