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Koufonisia Island, Greece. By boat: for such small islands as these, the ferry-services are frequent. The main-stay of communications is the F/B Express Skopelitis (with capacity for a small [...]



Koufonisia Island, Greece. An unusual solution for lodging on Koufonisi is Villa Windmill, a restored, thatched windmill in Loutra which accommodates one family only (T. 22850 74294, or mob. 6944 [...]



Koufonisia Island, Greece. Lefteris has a pleasing setting, set back from the Megali Ammos; and Kapetan Nikolas (Loutra) is good for fresh fish and seafood, and has rooms for rent above. [...]


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Koufonisia Island, Greece. 843 00 Koufonisi: area perimeter 17km resident population 376 max. altitude 114m. Port Authority: 22850 22300 (Naxos ). Travel and information: Prasinos Travel, [...]


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Koufonisia Island, Greece.   For a sense of the variety of readings and animated academic de bate surrounding Early Cycladic figurines, see: Colin Renfrew, The Cycladic Spirit: Masterpieces [...]