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Kythera Island, Greece. Olympic Air runs one daily flight between the island and Athens throughout the year. Otherwise access is by sea from the southern Peloponnesian ports of Neapolis (one [...]



Kythera Island, Greece. Rooms for rent can be found in many of the villages on the island: the hotels, however, are mainly concentrated in or near Kythera Chora and at the port of Kapsali below. [...]



Kythera Island, Greece. In Chora it is not easy to find both good food and a pleas ant setting together. Zorbas, in the main street, is known locally for its baked lamb at weekends, and the [...]


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Kythera Island, Greece. 801 00 Kýthera: area perimeter 118km resident population 3,532 max. altitude 506m. Port Authority: T. 27360 34222 (Diakofti), 33280 (Aghia Pelagia). Travel and [...]