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Milos Island, Greece. 848 00 Milos: area 158sq km; perimeter 139km; resi dent population 4,736; max. altitude 748 m. Port Authority: T. 22870 23360. Travel information: Milos Travel, T. 22870 [...]

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Milos Island, Greece. An Island Polity: the Archaeology of Exploitation in Melos, edited by Colin Renfrew and Malcolm Wagstaff, CUP, 1982. Disarmed—The Story of the Venus de Milo, by Gregory [...]


Milos Island, Greece. By air: Olympic Air operates two 40-minute flights from Athens to Milos daily. The airport is 4.5km from Adámas. By boat: Ventouris Lines run a daily car-ferry service from [...]


Milos Island, Greece. The island offers mainly simple accommodations. In Adámas, Giannis Apartments are spacious and pleasant and in a quiet neighbourhood (T. 22870 22204, fax 22144, www. [...]


Milos Island, Greece. To Petrino in Zephyría is one of the most trustworthy places on Milos for simple, fresh Greek cooking, and it remains out of the tourist loop. The Mezedopoleion Phocas in [...]


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