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Naxos Island, Greece. 843 00 02 Naxos : area 389 perimeter 133km resident population 17,357 max. altitude 999m. Port Authority: T. 22850 22300 & 23939. Tourist information: Zas Travel [...]


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Naxos Island, Greece. Theodore Bent, The Cyclades (1885), reissued 2002 by Archaeopress, Oxford in the ‘3rd Guides’ series. For an excellent documentation of Byzantine Naxos , Giorgios Mastoro [...]



Naxos Island, Greece. By boat: Naxos has on average two or three connections per day throughout the year to Piraeus, and one or two each day to Rafina; the services all take cars, and the journey [...]



Naxos Island, Greece. For its size and importance, Naxos is poorly provided with good accommodations, outside the resort hotels. The Chateau Zevgoli in the heart of the bourgo is the most [...]



Naxos Island, Greece. Of the myriad tavernas on the harbour front at Chora, the freshest fish and seafood is to be had at the minuscule, “To Steki tou Valetta”, where excellent [...]