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The local ferry boat from Chios, Oinoussai III (T. 22710 25074), runs daily except Tues, leaving Oinousses for Chios early in the morning, and returning after lunch. Crossing time: 1hr. Two small [...]



Lodging is limited to the Thalassoporos Hotel (T. 22720 55745) where the accommodation is basic, but the owners are particularly friendly.



Eating is also very limited. The only fully-fledged taverna is the pleasant enough Taverna Pateròniso, set back a little way from the harbour front; up in the town are a couple of shops that [...]


practical info

82 101 Oinousses: area 14 sq. km; perimeter 35km; resident population 686; max. altitude 182 m. Port Authority: Oinousses, T. 22710 55394; Chios, T. 22710 44433. The archipelago consists of about [...]


further reading

One chapter of Hellas (Collins, London, 1987) by Nicholas Gage is devoted to the shipping families of Oinousses— more entertaining, than strictly accurate. Oinousses Travel Guide