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Santorini Island, Greece. On Santorini, the Kavalari Hotel (T.22860 22347, fax 22603, is one of the older hotels on the island, centrally placed, with magnificent views, created [...]



Santorini Island, Greece. By air: Santorini is wellconnected with four daily flights to Athens with both Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines, and three to Thessaloniki with Aegean. Aegean also [...]


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Santorini Island, Greece. Ferdinand Fouqué, whose book Santorini et Ses Eruptions was first published in French in 1879, and reissued in an English translation by Alexander McBirney in 1999 by [...]



Santorini Island, Greece. Between the twin traps of the expensively pretentious and the indifferently touristic, there are still a few good places to eat on Santorini. Ta Delphinia the water’s [...]