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Skyros Island, the Sporades. By boat: Access to the island is from the Euboean port of Kymi by daily car-ferry services (Skyros Line, T. 22220 22020 (Kymi) & T. 91789/91790 (Skyros)), leaving [...]


Skyros Island, the Sporades. The building of the former Xenia Hotel on the water front at Magaziá—the peaceful area just below and north of the Kastro—has re-opened as the luxurious Hydroussa [...]


Skyros Island, the Sporades. In the upper part of the main street of Chora, just as it begins to climb steeply, the Mezedopoleion “O Pappous” has excellent local specialties (hot and [...]

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Skyros Island, the Sporades. 340 07 Skyros: area 208sq. km; perimeter 134 km; resident population 2711; max. altitude 792 m. Port Authority: T. 22220 93475. Tourist information: [...]


Skyros Island, the Sporades. Manos Faltaits Museum Skyros Travel Guide