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Spetses Island, the Argosaronic. By boat: In addition to an (all-weather) car and pas senger ferry which runs daily from Piraeus to Spetses in summer, and 5 times weekly in the winter, Spetses [...]



Spetses Island, the Argosaronic. Since the closure of Spetses’ historic Hotel Poseidonion for renovation, the luxury end of the scale is represented by the rather sterile facilities of the Nissia [...]



Spetses Island, the Argosaronic. Two traditional tavernas stand out; the fish taverna, Patralis, at the western end of Spetses town in Kounoupitsa, is welcoming with good service and delicious [...]


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Spetses Island, the Argosaronic. 180 50 Spétses or, more formally, Spétsai: area 20sq. km perimeter 31kmresident population 3,772 max. altitude 245m. Port Authority: T. 22980 72245. Travel and [...]