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Symi Island, Greece.   The island has no airport, and only three or four ferry services a week from Piraeus (16 hrs). Access is easy from Rhodes, however, where there is a selection of fast [...]


Symi Island, Greece. Historic, with painted ceilings and delightful views from the rooms, the Hotel Les Catherinettes (T. 22460 72698 & 71671) on the north water front of the harbour (close [...]


Symi Island, Greece.   On the south waterfront of Gialós are two good eateries of quite different character: Mythos serves ambitious variants on traditional Greek dishes—mostly imaginative [...]

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Symi Island, Greece. 856 00 Symi: area 57sq. km; perimeter 88km; resident population 2594; max. altitude 617m. Port Authority: 22460 71205. Travel and Information: 22460 71397, [...]

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Symi Island, Greece. William Travis, Bus Stop Symi, Readers Union, Newton Ab bot, 1973.Symi Travel Guide