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Symi Island, Greece. Historic, with painted ceilings and delightful views from the rooms, the Hotel Les Catherinettes (T. 22460 72698 & 71671) on the north water front of the harbour (close [...]



Symi Island, Greece.   On the south waterfront of Gialós are two good eateries of quite different character: Mythos serves ambitious variants on traditional Greek dishes—mostly imaginative [...]


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Symi Island, Greece. 856 00 Symi: area 57sq. km; perimeter 88km; resident population 2594; max. altitude 617m. Port Authority: 22460 71205. Travel and Information: 22460 71397, [...]


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Symi Island, Greece. William Travis, Bus Stop Symi, Readers Union, Newton Ab bot, 1973.Symi Travel Guide



Symi Island, Greece.   The island has no airport, and only three or four ferry services a week from Piraeus (16 hrs). Access is easy from Rhodes, however, where there is a selection of fast [...]