Kimolos Travel Guide – Best of Kimolos Island: History, beaches, places to visit & more.   …Kimolos is a delightful island: peaceful, unpretentious and full of striking [...]

Kimolos – general

General The ‘Aegean Volcanic Arc’, which sweeps from the Argo Saronic Islands, through Santorini to Nisyros and Kos in the east, lies just to the south of Siphnos. Leaving the limestone hills and [...]

Kimolos – history

History A violin-shaped marble figurine, showing traces of colour, which was found on Kimolos and dates from the 3rd millennium bc, indicates that there may have been a settled, Early Cycladic [...]

Kimolos – Chorio

Chorio Boats dock in the bay of Psathi, a protected cove with a beach fronted by a few houses and a taverna. The main settlement of the island, Chorio, dominated by the high profile of the Church [...]