Mykonos Travel Guide – Best of Mykonos Island: History, beaches, places to visit & more.   …Mykonos is a legend – a dry granitic island transformed into the upmarket tourist [...]

Mykonos – General

Mykonos is a legend, in more ways than one. The transformation of a dry, knotty, granitic island of dour sailors and fisherfolk into the plush Mykonos of today is the stuff of legend. Nobody [...]

Mykonos – history

Underneath Mykonos, according to myth, lie buried the last of the giants who had contested the Olympian gods and were finally destroyed by the rocks hurled by Hercules: the landscape is indeed [...]

Mykonos – Mykonos Chora

Chora’s labyrinth of tiny streets, deliberately tortuous so as to break the wind, seems confusing at first encounter. The plan, however, is not complicated: the main thoroughfare of the old part [...]

Mykonos – Mykonos Chora – the Kastro

We begin in the ‘Kastro’ area, at the northwestern point of the town. The acropolis of Ancient Mykonos was a meagre hill—the area behind today’s town hall—project from the centre of the west [...]