Naxos – The Chora of Naxos – general

THE CHORA OF NAXOSGeneralFrom the arriving boat, the salient outlines of the history of Naxos are visible at a glance. In the distance, high on the mountains of the interior behind the Chora, are [...]

Naxos – The Chora of Naxos – Kastro

KastroThe Kastro occupies the roughly circular summit of the Prehistoric, Classical and Byzantine acropolis. The prin cipal entrance is in the northwest corner where the steps rise steeply [...]

Naxos – The Chora of Naxos – Bourgo

BourgoThe oldest surviving church in Bourgo—the lower part of Chora—was built probably in the late 13th century, if the distinctive armorial bearings with the four Bs of the Palaiologos family, [...]

Naxos – The Chora of Naxos – Grotta

GrottaThe Bay of Grotta was the site of the Bronze Age city of Naxos , which archaeologists are slowly revealing in piecemeal fashion in the midst of today’s habitations. The shoreline has [...]

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