…Oinousses still feels like a forgotten frontier. Its peacefulness, the wide views into Turkey and to Chios and the dense and unusually varied vegetation of its garrigue are its [...]

Oinousses – general

Oinousses In 2004, an 80-foot mid-4th century bc cargo-vessel, carrying around 400 amphorae of wine, was found underwater, wrecked in the channel between Chios and Oinousses; and in the same year [...]

Oinousses – history

History Evidence of the mercantile potential of these islands can be inferred from a reference in Herodotus (Hist. I. 165): after the abandonment of their besieged city during the Ionian revolt, [...]

Oinousses – Aignousa harbour

Aignousa The ferry docks at the harbour of Aignousa: the port is formed by a protective chain of islets to west and south, which are crowned with churches. One islet, which has a family villa to [...]