Seriphos of Serifos – history

History The inhospitable offshore islet of Seriphopoula has remarkably revealed traces of a human presence in the Late Neolithic period. In the west of Seriphos itself are settlements from the [...]

Seriphos of Serifos – Livadi & Chora

Livadi & Chora The bay of Livadi—focus of all the island’s communications—is a deep and well-protected inlet with imposing hills to the west and north, and a long headland to the east. The [...]


Seriphos Travel Guide – Best of Seriphos Island: History, beaches, places to visit & more.   …Seriphos has beautiful bays for swimming and offers many opportunities for walking, [...]

Seriphos of Serifos – general

General From the sea Seriphos has a striking profile. Spacious and relatively empty, it is the most mountainous of the Western Cyclades with a ridge of peaks well over 500m high and long ravines [...]