Sikinos – the northeast of the island

The northeast of the island From a point c. 500 m east of Kastro, 5km of newly-completed road has been driven east through the landscape, down to the tiny beach and inlet of Aghios Giorgios [...]


Sikinos Travel Guide – Best of Sikinos Island: History, beaches, places to visit & more.   … Sikinos is a remarkably tranquil island with much of its mountainous landscape wild [...]

Sikinos – general

General The traditions that the island’s former name was ‘Oenoe’, from the fame of its wine (‘οἶνος’) , and that its founder hero, Sikinos, was the grandson of Dionysos, are reflected in the [...]

Sikinos – history

History According to legend (Apollonius of Rhodes , Argonautica I. 622 ff.), Hypsipyle saved her father, Thoas, son of Dionysos and Ariadne, from the massacre of all the males on the island of [...]

Sikinos – around Alopronia

Around Alopronia Nature left both Folegandros and Sikinos as fortresses in the sea with steep slopes and cliffs at almost every point on their perimeters. The harbour of Alopronia or ‘Ano [...]

Sikinos – Kastro & Chora

Kastro & Chora After passing the spring of Bonama, the road from the port rises steeply to the island’s main settlement (4km from Alopronia), which beetles along a ridge overlook the cliffs [...]