Skiathos Travel Guide – Best of Skiathos Island: History, beaches, places to visit & more.   …Skiathos is famous above all for its dense pine woods and its magnificent sandy [...]

Skiathos – general

General The name ‘Skia-’ (shadow) ‘-athos’ (Mount Athos) is believed to refer to the fact that, at the time of the summer solstice, the shadow cast by the rising sun from the pinnacle of Mount [...]

Skiathos – History and legend

History Settlers allegedly from Caria, followed later by Thessalians, were the first stable inhabitants of the island. In the 7th century bc colonists from Chalcis in Euboea arrived and later [...]

Skiathos – CHORA – general

Skiathos’ Chora The pine-clad rocky promontory of Bourtzi, which juts out into the bay in front of Skiathos Chora, today divides the port into two: to the north is the featureless modern [...]

Skiathos – South of Chora – general

South of Chora To the south of Chora, the main road runs along the coast and passes successive sandy beaches which are protected from the north wind, but have little atmosphere because of the [...]