South of the Centre

Behind a sober pedimented façade on the south side of Korai Street, 500m south of the Main (Plasti­ra/Vounaki) Square, are the Korais Library and Argentis Folklore Museum (open Mon–Fri 8–2). The library, which was founded in the 18th century, is one of the most important in the Aegean. After the initial bequest of books in 1792 by the influential humanist and classical scholar from Smyrna, Adamantios Korais (1748–1833), the library has attracted the donation of many other collections— most recently the gift of an art and costume collection by Philip Argentis in 1948. The library and reading-rooms are downstairs and the Argentis Museum is on the upper floor. The collection is understandably long on famoily personalia and portraiture, but it contains nonetheless some evocative and unusual pieces. The etchings and drawings of houses in Kampos are particularly revealing of the elegant lifestyle of their inhabitants; there are several sketches, copies and etchings relating to Delacroix’s painting (1824) of the Massacre of Chios; a particularly fine watercolour of 1849, showing the deathbed scene of Marouko Argentis; a couple of perfectly executed 20th century miniatures on glass; carved wooden chests; and delicate porcelain figurines showing local costumes. One room is dedicated to the magnificent collection of textiles, which on Chios attain a particular beauty with their reds and pale green colours which are obtained from vegetable dyes. The city also has a small Maritime Museum (open daily 10–2, except Sun) at no. 20 Stefanou Tsouri Street (200m to the west of the Korai―s Library and the adjacent cathedral) which contains pictures, models and photographs of Aegean ships and maritime life, and memorabilia of Admiral Kanaris. It is housed in a grand, early 20th century mansion of the Pateras family—one of the most important shipping families of Oinousses and Chios.


Chios Island is part of the Northern Aegean Island group
Chios town and the Kampos area. South of the Centre.

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The Monastery of Aghios Markos
Archaeolgical Museum of Chios


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