The northeast of the island

Detour to east (area not properly cleared and often closed off) Those with the time and enthusiasm to explore further can continue to the northeast of here. The first building, after 100m, is the ancient Archegesion, sacred to the worship of Apollo in the person of Anios, the legendary first settler and king of Delos . The latest part of the structure dates from the 6th century bc; but inside the southeast corner, seven 7th century bc tombs were found undisturbed, having escaped removal during the second purification of Delos because of their sacred nature. A further 100m on are the remains of the square Ionic peristyle of the Gymnasium, and beyond it the Stadium; these were both built before the xystos (a covered track for winter training) was added around 200 bc, to the east side of the stadium in order to join the two structures together. Beyond the stadium is a cluster of ancient houses. Near the island’s eastern shore are the remains of a Synagogue. The building is remarkably early—dating from the mid 1st century bc—making it one of the very earliest known synagogues outside of Palestine. The Jewish community was probably already established a century earlier (cp. I Macabees, 15.23).
   The remains of a murex-processing workshop, for the production of purple dye, lies close to the shore about 800m south of the Synagogue.

Delos Island is part of the Cyclades Island Group, Greece.

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