Aedipsos, Orei, and the North East

(Loutra Aedipsou= 0.0km for distances in this section)
(Car ferry connections to Loutra Aedipsoufrom Arkitsa on the mainland opposite, approximately every 30 mins from 7 am–9 pm in summer.)

With an attractive position and an air of passe gentility, Loutra Aedipsou, has something of the look and feel of a spa in the Italian Lakes. The verdant setting, the generally calm waters of the Euboean Gulf and the variety of stately 19th and early 20th century buildings (the Herakleion, Stadion and Aigli hotels, the public school, the neoclassical bath-house, etc.) make it a characterful and increasingly popular place to stay although much still needs to be spent to improve the fabric of the town. Ancient Aedepsos and its waters were popular with the Romans who were the first systematically to develop a thermal station here. Evidence of this can be seen in the hill, crowned by the church of Aghios Phanourios, directly behind the new Municipal Thermal Baths about 400m in from the south shore. The main springs originally rose in a grotto here, known as ‘Sulla’s Cave’. The source was covered in a structure in Roman times: the cruciform design of its four vaults can still clearly be seen. Two inscribed statue bases lying at the entrance commemorate two patrons of the waters—the Emperors Hadrian and Septimius Severus.

Euboea Island, Greece

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