Around Vouni

A different design of ecclesiastical building, but one particular to Euboea, is encountered in the two beautiful 13th century churches at Vouni (5km southwest of Steni­), both of which lie to the south side of the main village road: the churches of the Metamorphosis (‘Transfiguration’) and, further to the west, of the Aghii Apostoli. Both are of substantial size and built on a rectangular plan with an apse. The cruciform element of their design is intimated by the elevated, transverse vault which bisects them. This also gives both buildings their greater height. The church of the Metamorphosis has also had a later narthex added and possesses an independent belfry. This is an early ex ample of a free-standing belfry and it may represent an interesting innovation of Western, Frankish influence into Orthodox architecture of the 13th century.

Euboea Island, Greece

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