Kokkinomylo Hill

Almost opposite the first turning towards the sites de scribed above (800m north from the square of Styra), a road to the left leads less than a kilometre northwest to the hill of Kokkinomylo, where a small marble monument enshrines the bones of Elias Mavromichalis (b. 1795) who died on this spot in January 1822. Mavromichalis, who hailed from a famous clan of patriots from the Mani in the Peloponnese, was a redoubtable fighter for Greek Independence. He had arrived in Euboea in early January to give support to the island’s resistance movement and died a matter of days later. He made his last stand against the Turks here in a windmill on this hill, remains of which can still be seen, and died for his cause together with a group of fellow revolutionaries.

Euboea Island, Greece

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