East & south of Chora

To the east of Chora the road leads down off the central plateau through an arid rocky ravine to the island’s only port, Karavostasis (3km), on the east coast. This natural harbour has always been the island’s only point of con tact with the outside world: invaders—be they Ottomans, or Russians in the 18th century, or Germans during the Second World War—have always landed here. Further more, surface finds of pottery just to the north in the area of Pountaki show that this area has been inhabited since the 2nd millennium bc. The shoreline road to the south of the harbour leads past several attractive beaches to the sheltered, rural settlement of Livadi which is set in a shallow rocky valley with wide views of Sikinos and Ios . ‘Livadi’ means a meadow: the area has good wells and constitutes one of the few low-lying fertile areas on the island, although it is now virtually abandoned. Of interest is the church of Aghios Modestos, to the right and above the road as it turns in from the shore. The dedication to Aghios Modestos—a 7th century saint who is the patron of domestic animals and stock-breeders (as can be clearly seen from the icons inside the church)—suggests that this was the principal agricultural area of the island. There are two parts of the church: an original chapel dating probably from the 13th century, with a subsequent church from a century later erected along its north side.
   Due south of Chora, at a distance of 3.5km (40 mins by foot), is the unassuming monastery-church of Aghios Nikolaos (1.5km west of Petousis) whose buildings date from the late 16th century. It appears to occupy the site of an earlier Palaeochristian or pagan structure, fragments of which have been incorporated into its entrance and walls. The two (formerly three) contiguous chapels constitute most of the rectangular complex, leaving just sufficient space for cells, some stalls for animals and a threshing-floor.

Folegandros Island is part of the Cyclades Island Group, Greece.

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