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...Antikythera has an undisturbed archaeological site at Aigilia, tranquil walks through the interior and remarkable bird life...





Antikythera Island, Greece

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Antikythera Island, Greece.

Antikythera has no taverna as yet; but Mr Patakakis, on request, will provide food on a table in front of his shop. His careful and flavourful salad is made with locally grown vegetables—something increasingly rare in Greece. He also has exceptionally good -wine—strong, pinkish amber in colour, and slightly salty from the exposure of the grapes to the sea air. Mr Patakakis is a mild-mannered and helpful person; he is the best contact for most practical needs during a stay on the island.
Antikythera Travel Guide

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Antikythera Island, Greece.

801 00 Antikýthera: area; perimeter 32km; resident population 39; max. altitude 378 m. Port Authority: 27360 33767. Information: www.antikythira. gr (website currently under construction). Travel in formation: Porfyra Travel, Kythera, T. 27360 31888.
Antikythera Travel Guide