...Apollo and Artemis, twin siblings, were born under a palm-tree on Delos . This divine association had the effect of supercharging this tiny outcrop into the most sacred place in the ancient Aegean and consequently one of the most important archaeological areas in the Greek Islands today. The site is immense. On the slopes of Mount Kynthos are some of the best preserved houses from the ancient Greek world, decorated with fine mosaics and painting, while the museum contains finds of astonishing quality...


Delos Island is part of the Cyclades Island Group, Greece.

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Delos Island, Greece.

Access to Delos is only via Mykonos. A selection of boats leave every morning (weather permitting), except Mon, from 9am onwards from the old harbour of Mykonos (south mole) and make the 30 minute crossing to Delos, returning regularly up until 3pm when the site closes. Average cost: €12 r/t. Rhenia, which is also a restricted archaeological area, can only be visited by making private arrangements with a caïque service in Mykonos.
Delos Travel Guide


Delos Island, Greece.

Commercial lodging is not available on either island since they are both archaeological sites in their entirety. See ‘Mykonos:Lodging’ for suggestions.
Delos Travel Guide