Antikythera Island, Greece.

Access is only by ferry and from the same ports which serve the island of Kythera (see above), i.e. from Neapolis (one weekly (Tuesday) sail–3.5 hrs: T. 27340 22660/& 24004);
Gytheion (four sailings per week—5.5 hrs: T. 27330 22207);
Kalamata (one sailing per week (Sat)–7.5 hrs);
and from Kisamos in eastern Crete (five sailings per week–2 hrs: T. 28210 28217 & 24147).
One of these last sailings also goes on to make the weekly connection to Piraeus. In winter months services are reduced, and information should be obtained at the time of travelling from the local offices on Kythera or on Crete.
Antikythera Travel Guide

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