Hydra Island, the Argosaronic.

Eating can be surprisingly unimaginative on Hydra by comparison with the high quality of the island”s hotels; there seems little ambition to do more than the regular fare. One of the nicest and most welcoming places, offering fresh and varying proposals in Greek cuisine every day, is Kristina”s (properly “Chrysina”s”) “Gitoniko”, in the alleyway close by, and to the right of, Stavros Douskos”s long-standing and famous taverna, Xeri Eliá. The latter also has reliable food served on tables beneath the trees in the square; but it is a more commercial operation. To Steki, near Votsi Square, has straightforward fare, and an attractively “un-reconstructed” interior with folk-murals of ships and boats on the walls. At Kamini (15 minutes” walk from the main harbour) Kontylenia”s taverna, has pleasing views and some imaginative dishes.

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