Koundouros & Kambi

The landscape south of the bay of Pi­sses changes, becoming dry and less treed: this is a coastline more reminiscent of the central Cyclades, with smooth rocks, sandy coves and wide horizons. Both the shore and the sunsets along this stretch of coast are magnificent, and the area has attracted many settlers from outside. The stone windmills on the ridge above Koundouros (14km) have inspired a rash of recreational settlements in a replica ‘Kean’ architecture, embellished by imported and brightly coloured plants that have little to do with the natural landscape. The road becomes un-surfaced before reaching the at tractive inlet of Kambi­ (16.5km). This was the principal harbour used for shipping the island’s significant acorn crop to the tanning centres of the eastern Aegean. A number of the harbour installations and buildings connected with the activity have been turned into summer residences today. On the hill high above the village is the church of Aghios Giorgios which has an altar-table placed over an unusual ancient capital with palmettes. East of Kambi­, the road climbs inland through Kokkinada towards Stavroudaki (21.5km): just before the village there are many good examples beside the road of the typical Kean ‘stavlos’—deep, single-room buildings constructed from long stone schists with corbelled sides supporting transverse monoliths for roofs. Farm buildings in rural Kea are gen rally constructed with great care, with no rough projections from the walls: they are clean, solid structures which merge naturally with the landscape that surrounds them.

Kea Island is part of the Cyclades Island Group, Greece.

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