Aghia Marina (5.5km due north of Lakki­), although the island’s second port, is really the heart of the island. With attractive architecture, and a generally more radiant atmosphere and position than Lakki­, it is busy, full of variety and has none of the lassitude which pervades the island’s principal port and its flat lagoon. It occupies the position of what must also have been the ancient port, below a natural acropolis, which is now crowned by the impressive castle. Aghia Marina is the port for—and is contiguous with—the island’s administrative capital Platanos on the saddle above, which in turn spreads down the opposite side of the saddle to another attractive, south-facing harbour—Pandeli. To the north, the houses of Aghia Marina line the shore of the bay of Ali­nda, merging first into Krithoni and then Ali­nda itself. In this attractive and varied complex of settlements are found the island’s museums, squares, water-fountains, principal churches, festivities, finest houses, shops and offices—in short, most of its life. These different, but contiguous, entities are covered below in the order in which they are encountered coming on the main road north from Lakki­.

Leros Island is part of the Dodecanese Island Group, Greece.

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