Kokali and Aghios Isidoros
At the junction, 8.5km from Lakki­ and 1km west of the shore at Ali­nda on the principal road to the north of the island, a road leads southwest (left) to the prosperous and fertile village of Kokali (1km) on the north side of Gourna Bay. From the western end of the village’s water front a 100m causeway leads out to the picturesque islet and church of Aghios Isi­doros. Chapels on such sites as these frequently have pagan antecedents, so it is no surprise to find—just below the platform of the chapel, to your left as you climb up—a block of chisel-worked ancient marble lying on the ground. Under the water, below the southeast corner of the chapel, can be seen the blocks and the rectangular plan of the foundations of an ancient building. The next promontory (east) into the bay is also crowned with a small 19th century chapel (of the Ti­mi os Stavros) with a large stone threshing circle just to its north. It looks onto the sweep of Gourna Bay, which is shallow and protected, and good for swimming.

Leros Island is part of the Dodecanese Island Group, Greece.

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