Plomari & Polichnitos

(Mytilene centre = 0.0km for distances in the text)
The main southern projection of the island is formed by the forested massif of Mount Olympos and defined to east and west by the gulfs of Gera and Kalloni­ which cut far into the island in spite of their narrow sea-entrances. The serenity of the often lake-like waters of these two gulfs imparts a quite particular character to Lesbos—a gentler, and more rural tranquillity which contrasts markedly with the effect that the wild and exposed shores of Chios have on its very different personality. The two gulfs are miniature inland seas: villages and fertile slopes face one another across calm communal waters, while there still remains the all-important access to the open sea. Their shores constitute ideal habitats for breeding and migrating birds. The surprise is that their protected environment was not home to a greater number of settlements in Antiquity.

Lesvos Island is part of the Northern Aegean Island Group, Greece.
Plomari & Polichnitos, general information.

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