The aqueduct at Lambou Myli

East from Mesa, the main road back to Mytilene crosses the ridge of forested hills which separates the two large gulfs; from just above Lambou Myli, it affords striking views of the peak of Olympos, rising untrammelled above hills and valleys of dense green vegetation. Nine kilometres east from Mesa, and 3.5km west of Lambou Myli, an unmarked rough track leads southwest into the forest, and descends for 2.6km to another well-preserved section of the Roman aqueduct of the 2nd century ad which brought water to Ancient Mytilene. It stands to considerable height in the pine-clad gorge to the left of the track. Though shorter than the bridge at Moria, the arcade here is identically clad in rusticated marble so as to present a coherent architectural finish.

Lesvos Island is part of the Northern Aegean Island Group, Greece.
The aqueduct at Lambou Myli.

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