The Hot Springs of the North Coast

Three kilometres east of Molyvos, on the north coast are the *hot springs of Eftalou. The water here is clear and slightly saline, rising at 46.5°C; it has the highest radium concentration of any of the island’s springs, contributing to its important therapeutic qualities. The setting is beautiful in a quiet pebble-beached bay looking north to the Turkish coast at Assos. The springs are at the farthest (east) end of the bay. Beyond the small modern spa is the irregular white hump-back roof of the Ottoman bath chamber; inside it, a rock-cut pool fills constantly with the spring water and is generally accessible at all times. It is from the name of this locality that the 19th century scholar, translator and short-story writer, Kleanthis Michaelidis—who was born in Molyvos, lived for some time in Hull in England and died in France in 1923— took his better-known pen name, Argyris Eftaliotis.
   Beyond Eftalou, an unmade road continues west along the north shore of the island towards Sykaminia; after 3.5km, the multiple hot springs referred to as Megala Therma, which stretch intermittently for a distance of about 300m along the shore, rise amongst the rocks by the sea at temperatures between 65Β° and 76Β°C, mixing with the sea water to a pleasant temperature for bathing in all seasons.

Lesvos Island is part of the Northern Aegean Island Group, Greece.
The Hot Springs of the North Coast

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