Marathi (a ten minute crossing from Arki­), immediately appears greener and gentler than its neighbour, its long east-facing bay shaded by tamarisk trees. The island has a population of nine, and two good tavernas on the waterfront, which cater for the excursion visits from Lipsi and have freshly-baked bread and good fish. Both offer the possibility of lodgings: (Pantelis, T. 22740 32609, and Marathi, T. 22740 31580). Directly above the shore on the crest of the hill are the remains of a village of stone crofts, deserted in the middle of the last century. On the western hillside, amongst the ruins grouped around the tiny church of Aghios Nikolaos are what appear to be the remains of a large vaulted storage-barn or cistern dating apparently from the Early Christian era, immaculately lined with brick tiles in patterns. This curious structure, together with the Early Christian fragments and spolia in front of the church, suggest the presence of a small stable community here in the 5th and 6th centuries ad. An other similar construction is to be seen by the shore in the northeast corner of the island, in area referred to as Elliniko; traces of prehistoric settlement have also been found at Vigla, on the high land at the south end of the island.

Maranthi Island is part of the Dodecanese Island Group, Greece.

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