From the (southeastern) end of the village of Trypiti­ a road leads steeply down to the waterside at * Klima. (The harbour can also be reached by a stepped path from below the west side of the ancient theatre.) This half-hidden haven is strategically placed at the entrance to the bay of Milos; it functioned as the port of the ancient city and was enlarged considerably by the Romans with moles that are now beneath the water because of the progressive subsidence of this part of the island. In the 19th century this was the point at which the island’s celebrated pilots were picked up and dropped by ships heading in and out of the Aegean. Today it has a picturesque water-front of boat-houses of all colours, with balconied upper floors. There appears to have been a sanctuary of Poseidon here in Antiquity, and the splendid 2nd century bc statue of the god, now in Athens, was found here near the shore in 1877.

Milos Island is part of the Cyclades Island Group, Greece.


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