Danae Mylonaki
-Painter Sculptress-



Born in Athens 1974
Sculptress, member of the Greek Chamber (EETE) since 1999.
Qualified Teacher Status: Art and Design Teacher up to high school level, UK equivalence in 2004.
1994-1999, graduated from the Αthens School of Fine Arts with Distinction following the completion of a five year course with specialization in sculpture.
2001-2002, completed an MA in Sculpture, University of Surrey, UK, with a scholarship from Costa- Boda Glass Industry.
2002-2004, completed a full-time two years MA (RCA) in Applied Arts: Ceramics and Glass, Royal College of Art and Design, London.

Τeaching experience
From 2012 to 2013: FT Tutor in “Preschool Art Education” course at IEK College of Athens (Manpower employment organization). The School offers degrees for day nurseries.     
From 2004 to 2013:  Adjust lecturer of Applied Arts (teaching sculpture and ceramics) at TEI  of Athens  (Technological Educational Institute of Athens), Faculty of  Graphic Arts and Design, School of Decorative Arts and Design. The school offers higher education courses in arts and design.
From 2004-2007, Adjust lecturer in sculpture, University of Ioannina, Faculty of Plastic Arts and Art Sciences, teaching up to final year undergraduate students.
From 2008-2009, Adjust lecturer  in Sculpture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of  Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture.
Other professional experience
2000, Art director in the after school club, Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham, London.
2003, Glaze test assistant for Dr. Emmanouel Cooper, Royal College of Art and Design.
1997, Participation in the 1st International symposium of sculpture entitled “the relief”, organized by the Athens School of Fine Arts and Hochschule der Kunste of Berlin, in Delphi-Greece.   
1999, participated in a symposium on sculpture, making use of limestone and machinery, which took place at Laboratory of Peotta brothers in Grancona- Italy.
1999, I paticipated in a European Symposium on Sculpture, organized by  the Greek sculptor Th. Papayiannis and Yashimo Yashimoto Hochschule (Der Künste, Berlin).
2006, I organized a symposium on sculpture entitled ‘Creativity inspired by public space’ which was an academic collaboration between the University of Ioannina, Faculty of Arts and the University of Athens, School of Fine Arts and the School of Fine Arts of Milan.
2006, organized a symposium-workshop entitled ‘Representation and the viewer’ in the University of Ioannina, Faculty of Arts.
2007 participated in the 1st International painting symposium under the framework of Unesco and Artzervas Productions, in Patras, Greece.
Besides my engagement with academic teaching as a Adjust lecturer of Ceramics and Plastic Arts (more recent employment) and as a lecturer in the past, I also work as a freelance sculptor delivering commissioned work since 2004.  My most recent commissioned piece was a relief placed in the Hospital of Cardamyla at Chios Island in Greece, 2011 (Portrait Relief in bronze of Konstantinos and Maria Chalkias). In 2008, I participated in the competition for the statue of Konstantinos Karamanlis, city of Thessaloniki public commission. In 2010, I participated in the competition for the bust of Konstantinos Velios, city of Athens public commission. In 2011, I Participated in the competition for the bust of Sophocles Velizelos, city of Chania (Crete) public commission.
1.    1998, «L’ Arte Sotto I Partici Vecchi Di Via Emilia Tortona», Tortona, Italy.
2.    1998, «Salon I», MUSEO DELLA PERMANENTE, Milan, Italy.
3.    1998, «BIENNALE DEL MARE/ PREMIO DI DIANO MARINA», Diano Marina, Italy.
4.    1999, «Μostra Di Giovani Scultori», Nuovo Mercato Coperto, Cossato, Italy.
6.    1999, «Butterfly», at the Sikiaridio building of the Athens School of Fine  Arts, Peiraios 256, Athens, Greece2004.
7.     2000, «Workshop 1999», at the amphitheatre of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece.
8.    2000, «CHEAP ART» Athens, Greece.
9.    2001, «INTERIM SHOW», Ground Floor, WIMBLEDON SCHOOL OF ART, London.
10.    2002, «Bra», Screenings Lecture Theatre 1, «MA FINAL SHOW» Wimbledon School of Art, London.
11.    2002, «CHAOS CONTEMPORARY COSMOLOGIES», with curator Megakles Rogakos, ΤΗΕ ΒΙSHOPSGATE GOODSYARD, London.
12.     2002, «YOUNG ARTIST PRESENT», Technopolis-Peiraios 100.
14.     2004, «Passion Flowers», «Unlock Your Imagination» HENRY MOORE GALLERY, Royal College of Art and Design, London.
16.    2006, «Sculpture–Workshop»,  Kylindromyloi Sarantopoulou, Athens, GR.
17.    2006, «FESTIVAL ZERO: VIDEO ART FESTIVAL», Historical Centre of Kalamata, Kalamata, GR.
18.    2007, «Agony», Small Theatre of the Univestity of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece.
19.    2007, «VIDEO ART-Start from zero» Multispace of Alekton, Kerameikos, Athens, GR.
20.    2007, Project «ΕAST – WEST- SOUTH- NORTH», at the «2ο  POCKET THEATRE FESTIVAL» of BIOS Cultural Centre-Peiraios 84, Athens, GR.
21.    2008, «SMALL IS SMART» at Artower Agora Gallery, (8 December 2008- 3 January 2009), Αrmodiou Str. Varvakeios Sq. Athens, Greece.
22.    2008, International Art Forum ARTOWER ATHINA 2008, «ΑRTOWER Laboratory», Armodiou Str 10, Varvakeios Sq. Athens, GR.
23.    2008, Exhibition for the Commission of KONSTANTINOS KARAMANLIS STATUE, Municipal of Tessaloniki, Thessaloniki, GR.
24.    2008, «RENDEZ-VOUS DES ARTS», (4-7 Dec 2008, OLD AIRPORT, Athens, GR.
25.    2008, EETE for the 90 years of Communist Party at “Technopolis” of Athens Municipal,Tecnopolis, Gazi, Athens, GR. 2010, «Wild Creature», dedicated to Μichael Jackson, at  ΒΑRTESSERA, Kolokotroni 56, Athens, GR.
26.    2010, Pick of the week: Artist at Saatchi online.
27.    2011, «From Nature to the Soul», Historical Centre of Tsikaliotis, Leonidio Kynourias, GR.
28.    2011, 1st Toqso Art Show, Makras Stoas 1, Peiraious, Athens, GR.
29.    2011 "Attraction of the opposites", at Artist Initiative Cucosa, Rotterdam.
30.    2012, ΕΚΘΕΣΗ ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΑΣ etc.

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