Archangelos (28km) is the principal settlement between Rhodes and Lindos—deliberately hidden from view from the sea by an escarpment, so as to avoid the unwanted attentions of coastal pirates, and dedicated to the Arch angel Michael for yet further protection. The area is rich in a light clay ideal for pots, and for this reason it had a flourishing ceramic production from as far back as the 5th century bc: later, high quality bricks were also produced here. The anonymous account of the building of Santa Sophia in Constantinople known as the Narratio alleges that the bricks in its dome were made in Rhodes , and that 12 of them would weigh only as much as one ordinary brick: these would have been Archangelos bricks. The town today has a number of traditional and decorated houses. The castle, built by the Knights of St John in the mid-15th century, dominates the horizon. It is best approached by foot through the town from where the beautiful, abstract contours of the masses of rock rising up against the well-preserved curtain of walls can best be appreciated. Though impressive from below, the castle is small, occupying a tight triangular space with a modern chapel and the remains of only a couple of inner buildings at floor level inside the enceinte: it must have functioned more as a look-out and signalling station than as a long-term defensive refuge. High on the west wall, in a carved stone frame, are the coats of arms of Grand Masters Zacosta (1461–67) and Orsini (1467–76), executed in grey marble from Lardos. One kilometre after rejoining the main Lindos road south from Archangelos, on the left is the whitewashed church (recently re-roofed and set in a walled enclosure) of the twin saints, Aghii Theodori (1377) whose interior is entirely covered in 14th/15th century paintings. In a niche in the north wall, the two Theodori are seen on horse-back in mirror poses against a blue firmament, while the Almighty presides from above.

Rhodes Island is part of the Dodecanese Island Group, Greece.

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