From the aquarium at the northern extremity of the is land, the coastal road to the southwest passes a number of disused windmills interspersed amongst the line of hotels on the waterfront: this stretch of coast is particularly exposed to the prevailing winds and was once the site of dozens of such mills. The road continues under the western slope of Mount Smith into the wide bay of Trianda, passing a curious line of identical, single-storey houses, with a small mosque and cemetery behind them. These were constructed in the late 1890s to accommodate an in flux of Turkish refugees from Crete: the neighbourhood takes its name, Kritika, from this. After 5km, a turning to the left leads in towards the hillside at Malpasos, whose name is linked with the legendary ‘Dragon of Malpasso’. The monster dwelt in the gloomy, quarry-like gorge, full of fir and cypress, to the right under the rise of hill, and in the early 14th century it harassed the area seeking young maidens to devour.

Rhodes Island is part of the Dodecanese Island Group, Greece.

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