The coastline to the immediate south of Kameiros is largely uninhabited. After 9 km is the village of Madriko. A Myceneaean chamber tomb with dromos was found near here on the hill of Melissaki to the northeast: on a hillock further inland to the northeast are vestiges of Hellenistic and Roman habitation. At 51km (6km beyond Mandriko) is the quiet harbour of Skala Kameirou, with two pleas ant fish tavernas. The east side of the harbour has a long stretch of mediaeval walling, dating from an age when the port was in greater use. On the south escarpment, almost behind the ‘Taverna Loukas’, are the remains of a Lycian tomb. Most of its carved elements (pilasters etc.) have eroded, but the forms of the pediment and the architrave, cut in to the rock-face, are clear. The warm rock here seems particularly favoured by the ‘Rhodes dragons’, or agama lizards. These have more the appearance of iguanas (hence their name ‘Rhodes dragons’) and can grow to about 35cm in length: they are a principally African and west Asian species (Agama stellio). It is possible that they were brought to a number of the islands in the Aegean as part of the cult of Apollo with whom they are associated. From the harbour at Skala Kameirou the F/B Nikos Ex press leaves for Chalki every day at 14.30 throughout the year.

Rhodes Island is part of the Dodecanese Island Group, Greece.

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