Pythagóra Street
As Pythagora Street rises to the south it passes underneath the *Hadji Halil Mansion, built between 1880–90 in an elegant, neoclassical style. The tower of the abandoned house which straddles the street, with its pedimented façade of triple, round-arched windows, is a landmark in the city. The framed entrance-door (east side of street) leads into a couple of courtyards paved in pebbles with attractive sunburst and cypress-tree designs (dated 1903): a gently curving external wooden staircase leads to the main, upper floor of the building. To the east of the building lies an acre of citrus fruit-orchard which is entirely walled, traversed by water channels and irrigation cisterns and thronging with bird-life. With gardens to both sides of the street, this was one of the Old Town’s most gracious dwellings in the last years of Ottoman occupation.
   Pythagora Street runs just to the east of the line of the outer Byzantine walls of the city. These emerge into view just beyond the Hadji Halil Mansion in the excavated area of Konti Square. Bisecting the area and parallel to the street, the lower areas of these walls can be seen, constructed of large blocks taken from the Hellenistic walls and in-filled above with massive, fluted column-drums (probably from an ancient temple building) laid on their sides in a row. The square central bolt-holes which linked the drums into columns are still visible. Perpendicular to this are the ruins of a mediaeval vaulted building which abutted the walls to the north. Directly to the south a mediaeval windmill stands on top of the remains of the southeast corner-tower, marking what was the limit of the Byzantine enceinte. Below it on the south side is a row of three Ottoman water-fountains. The windmill is private property and cannot be visited; but another one, 100m to the west can be entered and provides a wide panorama of the city (see below).

Rhodes Island is part of the Dodecanese Island Group, Greece.

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