The Mosque of Ibrahim Pasha
The second street to the west from Pythagora Street leads into the plane-shaded square in front of the Ibrahim Pasha Cami founded in 1531, which today is the principal, functioning mosque of the city’s Moslem community and for that reason has been substantially restored, first in 1928 by the Italians (who re-erected the minaret on its original base) and again in the last ten years. A domed, square prayer-hall with richly decorated wood-work is preceded by a wide, raised porch. To the west, beyond the mosque’s canopied fountain, is an open area (Platonos Street) with excavations at considerable depth below ground level.

At the lower level, below later overbuilding, is visible the base of Byzantine walls to the right (running north/south); and to the north side are the 4th century bc walls that bordered the ancient port, which at that time penetrated deeper in land. At an acute angle to it, is the base of another structure with a protruding, square aedicule (?tower), entered from the south west side, which overlooked the ancient harbour.

Rhodes Island is part of the Dodecanese Island Group, Greece.

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