Acknowledgements to Henri Stierlin for measurements Temple & architect Approx. date Dimensions of stylobe Note sSamos , 1st Stone Temple of Hera (Rhoecus)575-560 bc52.5 x 105mCollapsed or burned doc. 540 bc Ephesus, Temple of Artemis (Chersiphron)560-540 bc55.1 x 115.14mBurned down 356 bc, rebuilt later to same size Didyma, 1st Temple of Apollo550 bc42 x 87mRebuilt by Seleucus, after 300 bc Samos , 2nd Stone Temple of Hera (?Eupalinos) 540-522 bc55.16 x 108.6 3mUnfinished Temple & architect Approx. dates Dimensions of stylobte Notes Selinous, Temple ‘G’ (of ?Apollo or ?Zeus) 510-470 b c50.7 x 110.12m Acragas, Temple of Olympian Zeus 470 bc56.3 x 113.4 5 mUnfinished Athens, Parthenon (Ictinus) 454-432 bc30.88 x 69.5m Didyma, 2nd Temple of Apollo 300-280 bc51.13 x 109.3 4 mUnfinished

Samos Island is part of the Northern Aegean Island Group, Greece.

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