Archeaological Museum

The town’s principal interest is its exceptional –Archaeological Museum (open daily except Mon, 8–5 summer; 8–3 winter), which lies two blocks inland of the centre of the waterfront, at the top of a pleasant municipal garden with palms, fountains and a cafe. The collection is laid out in two separate buildings, one modern and purpose-built, the other, an adapted neoclassical mansion which was formerly the Paskalion Library. Though cramped and dowdily displayed, this is nonetheless one of the great collections of Greece. It contains antiquities of a wide range of periods; but its collection of Archaic sculpture and objects, is its marvel. Archaic art is often less understood and appreciated than later Classical and Hellenistic art: but few places give a better sense of the energy, optimism and sheer passion of this early period than here—not just the magnificent kouros, which is the treasure of the museum, but even the simplest architectural fragments and figurines.

Samos Island is part of the Northern Aegean Island Group, Greece.

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